Church Planting Residency


Thank you for your interest in the The Bridge Fellowship church planting internship program!

Our internship program is designed to be an exciting and unique Gospel ministry opportunity with hands-on-training in key areas of life, leadership, and ministry involvement.  We have no desire to raise up a generation of great coffee makers, but we are prayerfully looking for church planters who are humbled enough by grace to wear aprons when necessary.  

At The Bridge Fellowship we’re looking for interns who will contribute to our team.  Trying to change the world is hard enough already, especially without resting in the Gospel.  Therefore, our Interns will focus on ongoing Gospel Renewal in the heart, life, community and service.  But they will also have the joy of seeing the Kingdom of God advanced, the gospel proclaimed among the 2nd largest unreached people group by the Gospel.  

EXPECTATIONS & SCHEDULE:  The weekly routine will vary depending on the Intern’s ministry area and the needs of the specific Intern position.  Interns will commit to a minimum of 28- 30 Hours per week, and also serve in our weekend Sunday gatherings.  The Development Plan will include personal mentoring directly from the Lead Pastor of The Bridge Fellowship, leadership training, community outreach, participation in/and leading a Gospel Formation Group and Regional Network trainings, gospel contextualization, and home work- exercises etc.  This internship is largely in part Gospel Formation training in that it focuses on a holistic gospel formation.  The church planting Intern will, however, be able to lead and teach Gospel Formation group meetings eventually.

 Fall Semester 2017 –

Spring Semester 2018 –


  • The Intern should be willing to disciple non-Christian Japanese in a community group, and train others to do the same.
  • Loves (or is willing) to reach Artists/Musicians/Young Professionals who influence the culture during internship.
  • Raises own support as Missionary Or is based in Tokyo serving part-time.  Preferably sent by local church OR Missions Organization. We will give tools to help them raise support. Watch Video showing the need for church plants in Tokyo here:
  • Ability to adapt, learn Japanese language, and serve as support deacon/role to the Lead Pastor in areas of administration, teaching in small groups or lead worship, to foster healthy Gospel-centered culture.
  • Aspires to the biblical qualifications of a Pastor/Elder/Church planter  (1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9). Must have humble attitude to learn the cultural context for gospel contextualization.
  • Exhibits a growing understanding of the Gospel and its implications for all of life during 2 years of church planting residency.
  • Embraces and agrees with The Bridge Fellowship, Tokyo, Doctrinal Distinctives, Gospel DNA & Philosophy of Ministry.
  •  The intern will also preach and teach once a month after 6 months to 12 months of being carefully assessed in life, marriage (if married), counseling and contextualized gospel-centered doctrine and preaching.


Complete 3 Steps Process To Be Considered as a Church planting Intern.

a) Write to us via Join The Team Page.  Click the box number 11 “church plant intern” and send as an attachment any relevant infos/resumes to: 

b) Send Us 3 References: To be filled by a pastor, close friend, church elder/deacon etc. Forms Click here.  

c)  Once we have received all 3 references, you will be given times and optional days to choose a 2 hours skype interview (or if in Tokyo a face to face interview).  You will be interviewed by 3 church leaders a minimum of two times, and may require you to visit for a week in some cases (if applying from abroad).  Other exceptional cases will be considered, based on strength of application, interviews, and after all things are prayerfully considered.

Note:  Thank you for humbly submitting to this process.  We will respond to you in no later than 3 business days.  We want to do our best in helping you discern and fulfill God`s call on your life.