Venue & Directions

Worship Times:  礼拝の時間: 2:00- 3:00 p.m  

Please check the change of Venues, address and dates below. 

November & December-Every Sunday @Stardust “Blue Monday Cafe.”  1 min (South Exit)

(Except for December 24th & 31st, which will be at Halfmoon Hall). 

集会は下北駅南口のStardust (Blue Monday Cafe-3回)になります。駅の向かい側のビルです。

Stardust Rental Space 3rd Floor.  

Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku,

Kitazawa 2-19-10.   

Other times we meet at Halfmoon Hall.  Please check the times.  

Address| 所在:

ハーフムーンホール下北沢のHalf Moon Hall.

北沢 4-10-4

4-10-4 Kitazawa
Tokyo 155-0031