About The Bridge

We are glad you are here. 

The Bridge Fellowship is a Protestant Christian, gospel-centered, reformed, missional church plant in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. We are part of a movement of churches known as Redeemer City to City Asia Pacific and a global family of church-planting churches known as Acts 29.  

As a gospel-centered church in the making, we’re definitely not a perfect church with perfected saints. All of us need to depend daily on God for His grace, mercy and healing.  As you join us in this journey, we’re confident that the gospel of Jesus will transform your life.



Our neighborhood “Shimokita” is a sub-culture–an artistic district of Setagaya-ku in West Tokyo, easily accessible from major centers like Shibuya and Shinjuku. Of all the 23 wards in Tokyo, Setagaya-ku has the largest population. When young people are asked where they would like to live in Tokyo, Shimokitazawa is one of the top three.  


Making disciples of Jesus by building gospel-centered relationships and forming gospel-shaped communities in Tokyo, Japan and the World to God’s glory.


We exist to glorify God by joyfully living out the truths of the gospel in ordinary everyday life. We long to see healthy families centering their lives on the gospel of grace, integrating their faith and work, their artistic gifts with their faith, and showing mercy and justice for the common good of Tokyo, Japan and the World to God`s glory.


1) Gospel-centered discipleship: Increasingly centering our lives on the gospel of grace as disciples of Jesus.
2) Grace and truth in community: Increasingly becoming gracious and truthful to each other in community—in our heart and actions, as we are daily changed by the truths of the Gospel.
3) Generous justice and mercy: Increasingly growing in generosity through caring for the needy, the marginalized, the poor, the widows and orphans (James 1: 27).
4) Integration of faith and work, and the arts: Increasingly living as “salt” and “light” of the gospel in the workplace; empowering young professionals, gifted musicians and artists to maximize their gifts for God’s glory by treasuring Jesus Christ above all things.
5) Doctrinal depth and evangelistic effectiveness: Increasingly growing in doctrinal depth and outward-facing as a church, making disciples of Jesus, and planting churches in Tokyo, Japan and beyond.


  • The Bible was written under the Holy Spirit’s perfect inspiration of each writer, containing all that God desires to reveal to humanity concerning salvation. The Bible is the single and absolute standard for faith and practice.
  • The living and true God is one, who is eternally existent in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • God created all things, visible and invisible, from nothing, which are subject to His absolute sovereignty.
  • Adam was created in the image of God and in right relation with God, but was tempted by Satan and sinned against God, thereby experiencing both spiritual and physical death. All human beings are therefore born with a sinful nature, being sinners in thought, word and deed.
  • The Lord Jesus Christ is true God and true man. He was begotten by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, died on the cross for the sins of the world, was buried, and rose on the third day. He ascended to heaven and sits at the right hand of God where he executes his ministry as High Priest for us.
  • Because of the substitutionary death of our Lord Jesus Christ, all who believe in Him are forgiven of their sins, justified by faith and redeemed from the penalty and dominion of sin. There is no other way to salvation.
  • The Holy Spirit is a person whose ministry is to convict and regenerate sinful people, making them children of God, conforming them to the image of Christ; and empowering them for effective world evangelization. The Holy Spirit is sovereign, having perfect liberty to do as He pleases. He gives gifts of graces as He wills for the edification of the church.
  • The church universal is the body of Christ, and all who are born again by the Holy Spirit become members thereof, with Christ being the head. The church on earth, in a manner befitting its head, should maintain purity of faith and life and preach the gospel to every creature.
  • We believe in water baptism by immersion. Baptism is a visible symbol of God’s saving work within a person. It is the outward sign of belonging to the people of God—those who have repented and put their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is coming again personally, bodily and visibly. He will raise bodily the just and the unjust–one to everlasting blessedness and the other to everlasting punishment, after which He will renew all things and deliver the kingdom to God the Father.

For more, read about our doctrinal distinctives, Gospel DNA and church membership .

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